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Something about poker limits or betting structure that is usually crucial for gamblers. Betting structure according to wikipedia applies to the betting poker limits and the compulsory bets used in the particular poker games. Betting limits in other games like play blackjack game applies to table limits of a minimum and maximum hand bet. There exist four main betting structures in online casinos poker games: Fixed Limit, Pot Limit, Spread Limit and No Limit. Let's study every of them.

Fixed Limit

In poker versions with the fixed limit betting structure the size of all bets is determined. This means that the player may only choose to make bet or not. Commonly the betting amount is raised twice in the last rounds of play. Thus, the initial betting limit is called the small bet and the doubled one is the big bet. For example, in the $10/$20 poker game the players may bet $10 during the first rounds and $20 during the last. Note that such amount applies also to the size of raise. In some of poker fixed limit games there is also limited number of raises during the round of betting. The max number depends on the poker room rules. Some poker rooms even permit unlimited quantity of raises, particularly if just two gamblers are still in the game.

Pot Limit

In poker variants with the pot limit structure the player can raise up to the size of the whole pot. For example, in case there are $10 in the pot at the beginning of betting the player who opens betting can wager up to $10, and he/she does wager $10, the next player can to raise to $40 (as the initial pot was $10 and after $10 calling of the first gambler the size is $30 so the second gambler can raise $30). The same way the third poker player may raise up to $140 and so on. In some of poker versions the way of calculating the maximum raise is a little bit different, so each time you play with pot limit betting structure pay attention on the main poker rules.

No Limit

In poker versions with the no limit structure the players are allowed to raise and bet up to the size of their stake and there no any poker limits. Of course, there is the minimum amount to open betting round and every raise is to be equal to the size of the previous raise at least.

Spread Limit

In poker games with the spread limit structure the player is permitted to raise and bet according to the defined range. For instance, in the "one to five limit" poker game the player can wager from $1 to $5. Traditionally during the last rounds of betting the range of poker limits is widen a bit, it is shown in the poker name. There are so-called California Spread game structure and poker variations with such structure have bigger range, for instance from $3 to $250, or from $20 to $1500. California Spread is used in poker versions in California where the most popular game with no betting poker limits is forbidden by law.