Different Key Poker Terms.

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The game of poker has its own key terms to describe certain situation or move in the game. The words like pocket rockets, drawing dead, pot-odds, and so on means nothing to the non-players. For a non-player all these terms may appear to be some foreign language. But in the game of the poker all such terms means something or the other that only a poker player can understand. However, in the game of poker all the several key terms have different meaning to different players.

There is no common agreement regarding a particular term among the players. The interpretations of the words like the bad beats and buff may be different for different generation of players. This difference in the interpretations of the different poker terms causes confusions among the players and also certain negative influences on their mind.

The different interpretations of the different poker terms are due to several factors. But the two most important factors are generation gaps and regional differences. For instance, a lose by 60-40 pre-flop favorite in the game of poker was considered by the previous generation as not at all a bad beat in any sense. A player was considered to have bad beat when he lost by beaten by long odds or by uncontrollable circumstances. But, on the other hand, the present generation is characterized by aggressiveness, impatience and quick results driven. As such most of the players belonging to this modern restless generation consider the beat by 60-40 pre-flop favorite in the game of poker has a very bad beat. This in turn leads them to depression and discourages them. As a result they thinks they have failed very miserable and it also beaks their game spirit.


Similarly, the term bluff has different meaning in different places of the world. Players in certain places consider themselves to have been bluff very badly by the opponent when in the actual sense they were not bluffed at all. But rather they lost due to certain situations that were not in their control. This wrong interpretation of the term bluff can often make the players, especially the players who consider themselves to be a very seasoned player, to feel frustrated and low about themselves. This also breaks their aggressiveness prevents them from playing their natural game.

Sometimes, the differences in the opinion are also an emotion driven result. Our perceptions determine our emotions and our emotions often drive our play. For instance, for a player who sets a very high standard for himself in the game of poker will consider a beat in the game, by a very small margin, as a very big lose. It is takes it like an insult to his talent and understanding of the game.

Whatever may be the reason it should be understood that all these factors will affect the game of poker in the long run. So this disparity in the interpretation of the different key terms in the game of poker should be resolved as soon as possible by the players themselves.

From the above discussion we have seen that how different key poker terms have different meanings for different players. The result is confusion and misunderstanding among the players. So therefore, it is advisable that all the poker players should have the right and same interpretations for the different poker terms. This will standardize the game of poker among the different people in the different places of the world. The disparity in the interpretation of the key poker terms can only be eliminated when the all the players make an effort to know the game of poker in its true sense. This will always benefit the game of poker in the long run.