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Sports betting is wagering on the outcome of a sports event in the hope that one’s prediction comes true, and they will win money. Anybody interested in sports betting has to do it through a bookie. The bookie takes the money and records the bet and dispense out the winnings. If the prediction is in favor of the bettor, then they collect their winnings from the bookie, if not they lose their money to others that have made the right predictions. The bookie or bookmaker gets a percentage of each wager made, which is how they stay in business.

Sports bets used to be made on the phone or by the bettor visiting the bookie to place their wagers. Now, the practice of sports betting is online. Online sports betting bookmakers work the same as the regular ones, with the main difference being that they are available online. So, bettors can place orders online from wherever they are without having to travel to the bookies premises.

Online bookmakers require that the bettor open an account with them, where they money for their wagers will be held. Online sports’ betting has become quite popular due to its convenience.

Popular online sports betting sites

Bet Fair

This is the world’s biggest online betting exchange. Its popularity is based on the attractive odds it offers to bettors. It claims to offer twenty percent more than the odds offered by the local bookies. It gets its money from charging commission on each winning bet at between 2 -5 percent depending on the wager made. It facilitates the exchange between bettors and bookies and makes it easy for people to place bets and get their winnings.

Bet 365

A Bet365 online sport betting is especially attractive because it offers multilingual services for bettors to place wagers on a number of sports. This means that it is not only limited to English speaking players which broadens the client base. They not only offer sports betting, but also have an online casino offering games such as blackjack, roulette and poker for casino lovers to enjoy.


This is a well known site that allows bettors to place wagers on a wide array of sports. It has other betting branches such as Sky Poker, Sky Bingo and Sky Vegas catering to different aspects of gambling. It also has TV channels dedicated to racing and poker. Bettors can place their bets through the internet, the phone, WAP and interactive television through Sky.

Benefits of using online betting sites

  • They allow you to bet from wherever you are at any one time. The best ones even have a toll free numbers. Customer service is prompt as most of them have operators on call 24/7.
  • It gives you access to a wide array of games. You may start by sports betting and move on to playing casino games in the same site.
  • They offer bonuses and discounts that make it worthwhile to visit their sites as they can be used to explore new games or earn money to have additional gaming time on the site.
  • It’s free of rules of dressing and conduct. Visiting land casino comes with requirements such as restrictions on smoking on the floor in some while others require a particular dress code of their patrons. With online betting you don’t have to adhere to such rules, but can still enjoy gambling from the comfort of your own home.

These are some top online sports betting sites and some good reasons to visit them.