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Modern poker players are very familiar with Texas Hold’em poker game, because it is the most popular poker variant. If you are an avid poker fan, then you should become aware that there are other variants for five card stud poker game. Poker became very popular all over the world thanks to different television shows that features the game. Also, World Poker Tour has been a televised poker tournament which is a sure hit. Everyone has become familiar on how the game is played especially the no limit poker game of Texas Hold'em.

You need to become aware that it is not only the famous Texas Hold'em that you can play, but there are other exciting variants of poker to try. This article will give you brief description of different variations of poker you can try out and experience intensive online casino fun.

Types of Games

There is five card draw which is the traditional game of poker and everyone can play it at home. This game is typically played with five players. When it comes to betting for this game, it comes with an initial ante and another additional two betting rounds. All players around the table will be dealt with five cards that are facing down. Each player can choose to replace or discard a card during the first betting round.

Another great game is Omaha Poker. This variant is played with ten players. Each and every player will be dealt with four cards facing down. Right after the first four rounds of betting, there will be five community cards facing up on the table. These cards are shared by all players. A player must combine any of the community cards with cards from their hands to create the best poker hand.

There is Hi/Lo Omaha where a player can win using lo/low hands with cards that is not higher than 8. For instance, a player that is holding A, 2, 3, 4, 6 has a lo/low hand and can win the pot money. If there is a player holding a higher hand such as two pair, then it will be divided between the two of them.

You will find the popular Seven Card Stud poker that is played with 8 players. This game has initial ante and there is 5 rounds of betting. You will not find any community cards within this poker variant. All players are dealt with total of seven cards and the three cards are facing down and the remaining four cards are facing up for other players to see. They can use five out of seven cards to be able to create the best poker hand. You will find both hi and lo version of this game.

There are lots of poker variations out there that are worthy of your time. There are Razz, 5 card poker and the popular Caribbean stud poker. Each variant will require players to perform diverse strategy to attain a successful game play. Each game can offer you with lots of opportunities to win and become a famous poker player. You can explore each poker variant and find out how it can help you hone your skill in poker.